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Coca tea is a millenary drink, made with natural leaves that gives us energy and is great to cleanse the liver and is super digestive.


Coca powder flour is ideal for preventing bone diseases. It also works as a dietary supplement in terms of iron and vitamin B.

Coca Tea

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What is the coca leaf?

The Coca leaf, a plant native to the Andean region, has immense nutritional potential that is often used as a tea or powder.

Its consumption of the coca leaves or inka leaves is becoming more popular around the world thanks to its incredible health benefits.

Breaking myths about coca leaves

The coca is a sacred food for the indigenous peoples of the Andean region of South America. Its scientific name is erythroxylum coca and it has been cultivated for thousands of years in Bolivia and Peru.

In these countries, the coca leaf is consumed in the form of tea (mate de coca) or infusion; It is also often chewed raw, and is generally marketed as a powder, to further enjoy its benefits.

Its stimulating effect is similar to that of coffee and although it is a natural stimulant, the infusion of coca leaf is not an exciting one. Therefore, it can be taken at any time of the day without the risk of nervousness or insomnia.

COCA TEA BOX: your store for coca tea and coca flour.

Is the coca leaf legal?

The leaf is consumed, in the first place, to combat altitude sickness or soroche, since it does not carry any secondary effects for health.

On the other hand, the coca leaves has always been chewed to increase the supply of oxygen to the blood and brain.

We must specify that the consumption of coca leaf in teas and flours is legal in Peru and Latin America.

The cocaine concentration in the leaf is very low (between 0.1 and 0.8%), so it does not cause toxicity or dependence.

Health benefits of the coca leaf

The coca leaf is rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, C and E), and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium or potassium).

Next, we detail the health benefits of coca leaves:

  • The coca leaf is highly recommended to calm vertigo or so-called altitude sickness. It also prevents cardiovascular diseases and prevents cavities.
  • Other of its properties are attributed to the battle against colon cancer. On the other hand, it prevents obesity and helps fight depression. It also treats respiratory conditions, such as asthma and bronchitis.
  • Another of its benefits is the regulation of blood pressure, the control of diabetes and the healing of stomach problems.
  • Research indicates that the coca leaf stimulates statin production; It is ideal to maintain the freshness of the skin and avoid diseases of the same.
  • Improves metabolism and helps brain oxygenation. Additionally, it is a local anesthetic and stimulates the salivary glands.
  • It has diuretic properties, fights iron deficiency anemia, regulates carbohydrate metabolism and improves liver function by eliminating toxins in the blood.
  • Finally, it reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, protects the intestinal flora and increases physical resistance.

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